Welcome to St. James Episcopal Cathedral
Greetings and blessings to all who enter the sacred space of St. James Episcopal Cathedral!

As the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, I extend a heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you. It is with great joy that we gather here, united in faith, fellowship, and the pursuit of spiritual growth.

Within the walls of this magnificent cathedral, we find a refuge where the timeless truths of our Episcopal tradition intertwine with the vibrant tapestry of our diverse community. St. James Episcopal Cathedral stands as a beacon of light, drawing people from all walks of life to discover the transformative power of God's love.

In this sanctuary, you will encounter the majesty of sacred worship and experience the rich tapestry of our liturgical traditions. Whether you are a lifelong Episcopalian, a seeker on a spiritual journey, or someone new to the Christian faith, our doors are open wide, and you are warmly invited to join us in prayer, song, and contemplation.

At St. James Episcopal Cathedral, we embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ, seeking to follow His example of love, compassion, and justice. We strive to be a community that welcomes and celebrates diversity, honoring the dignity and worth of every human being. Here, you will find a place where questions are encouraged, doubts are welcomed, and the journey of faith is nurtured.

Beyond our worship services, St. James Episcopal Cathedral offers a myriad of opportunities for spiritual growth and service. From educational programs and outreach initiatives to fellowship gatherings and community events, we invite you to engage and contribute to the vibrant life of our cathedral family. Together, we can make a positive difference in our local community and the world around us.

As you enter these hallowed halls, may you feel a sense of peace, inspiration, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. May this cathedral be a sacred space where you encounter God in new and profound ways, finding solace, hope, and strength for your journey.


Furthermore, at St. James Episcopal Cathedral, we firmly believe in the power of inclusivity and radical hospitality. Every individual, regardless of their background, identity, or beliefs, is wholeheartedly welcome within our community. We celebrate the beauty of our diversity, recognizing that it enriches our collective journey and fosters a deeper understanding of one another.

No matter your age, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status, you will find acceptance and respect within these sacred walls. We affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, and we seek to create a safe and nurturing space where all can explore their faith and spirituality freely.

In the spirit of unconditional love and compassion, we embrace people from all walks of life, and we seek to dismantle any barriers that might hinder genuine connection and fellowship. Here, you will find a place where your voice is heard, your experiences are valued, and your journey is honored.

Our commitment to inclusion extends to all expressions of love and human relationships. Regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity, or the makeup of your family, you will be embraced with love and support. St. James Episcopal Cathedral is a place where love knows no boundaries, and we celebrate the beauty of diverse relationships within our community.

We also recognize that each person's spiritual journey is unique. Whether you are a devout believer, a seeker exploring different paths, or someone questioning their faith, you are welcome here. We encourage open dialogue and a willingness to learn from one another, acknowledging that our individual perspectives contribute to the rich tapestry of our faith community.

As we gather together in worship, prayer, and service, we celebrate the unity that transcends our differences. Our shared commitment to love, justice, and compassion unites us, and we strive to create a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

In the spirit of Christ's all-embracing love, we extend our arms wide and say, "Welcome! Come as you are. You are cherished, and your presence enriches our community. Let us walk together in the light of God's love, growing in faith and serving one another with open hearts."

Once again, I extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to St. James Episcopal Cathedral. May your time here be filled with deep spiritual connections, meaningful relationships, and a renewed sense of purpose. May you be embraced by the love of Christ and find a home within our cathedral family.

With every blessing,

The Right Reverend, Bishop David Rice

Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin