Welcome to St. James Episcopal Cathedral
Dean's Welcome

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Welcome! We are so glad that you found your way to this place of faith called Saint James Episcopal Cathedral in the Diocese of San Joaquin. We are honored that you have found this place of grace in the midst of central California. Again, I say welcome!

Who are we? We are a community steeped in the Episcopal tradition where all are welcome. We are seekers on a journey. We are people of deep faith and we are people new to Christianity. We are a Cathedral...the home of our Bishop, +David Rice. We are sojourners in his flock.

All who seek to know and be known by Jesus Christ are welcome in our midst. All who are looking for a loving, accepting, and hospitable community of believers are welcomed here. Jesus tells us to come to Him...those of us who are weary and heavy burdened, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. If you are looking for a place that is safe to rest your weary bones or lay down your burdens, “come and see.”

What can you expect when you arrive? You find God in this place. You will find the Gospel of Jesus Christ taught and lived by those who are ordained and those who are laypeople. You will find cheerful, loving, imperfect people who will be glad to welcome you. You will find exquisite liturgy with beautiful music. You will find excellent education to help you deepen your relationship with Jesus. You will find small groups that will be a place of formation and care. You will find opportunities to share your gifts, talents, and passions. You will find a place of servant leaders, ordained and laypeople, who are committed to helping the least among us. We serve each other...we serve our neighbors, and we serve God in the city of Fresno.

What do we expect when you join us? First, be authentic. We will not judge you...for that is the job of Jesus Christ. Be who you are in this moment in time and be open to the transformation that life in the Gospel will offer. Be willing to work hard as we become who God is calling us to be...in this part of the vineyard. Be involved...as much or as little as you are able but be involved in the community of St. James Cathedral. Contribute generously of your time, talent, and yes...treasure...for these three aspects of your life make the work of ministry possible. Be willing to try and fail...and try again. After all, that is the nature of life, is it not? So, come on...take a risk and step out in faith.

Know this...you are welcomed here, and we are glad you found us. Now, we sincerely invite you to come and see.

Faithfully, a fellow seeker,