Contemplative Eucharist



Adult Education and Spiritual Formation (September - May)



Family Eucharist with Music and Choir


For our Visitors: Whether you are visiting St. James from across the globe or down the street, we welcome you and invite you to fully participate in our worship services. For each service, we provide a service program containing the whole service—large print versions are also available. If Communion is celebrated during the service, everyone is invited to receive the Sacrament or a blessing.

Children in Services: Children are always welcomed at St. James! God blessed children with the ability to wiggle. The joyous sounds, movements, and curiosity of kids are gifts from God. Please do not feel you have to subdue those joys in God’s house. We want God’s children to be comfortable and experience the joyfulness of worship. During the celebration of Eucharist, children are welcome to move closer to the altar or to stand on the pew to see what is going on. Located near the entrance of the Cathedral sanctuary is our “With Joy Kids Section.” Please feel free to utilize this family-friendly area at anytime during the service. It has been designed to allow kids to spread out and enjoy some contemplative playtime while still allowing their parents/guardians to experience the service. 

"With Joy Kids Section" in the Cathedral


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