Renters are responsible for the conduct of all members of their party. Disorderly conduct, intoxicated persons, or disturbance of the public peace will result in being required to vacate the premises, as well as forfeiture of damage deposit and rental fees. Renter and Alternate Contact (if any) must be at least 21 years of age and at least one MUST be present during the entire event unless approved 30 days prior to the event date.



The Cathedral has available approximately 35-40 58” round tables that seat 8 and approximately 7 to 10 six-foot rectangular tables, which are available for use. The Cathedral also has available approximately 150 standard folding chairs for use. The number of available tables and chairs may vary based on Cathedral usage needs. Any additional needs for tables and chairs are the responsibility of the renter.



Except in the Cathedral Sanctuary, St. James does not have any sound equipment available for renters. All sound systems are the responsibility of the renter. The Cathedral does not have any production lighting or light control systems available for use. Due to the demand of some sound and lighting systems, it is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that their systems do not overload St. James’ electrical capacity. Renters will be responsible for any damage to the St. James electrical system. It is recommended that renters consult a sound and lighting expert. Also, we recommend renters to consider obtaining an emergency generator.



St. James has a small ice machine in the Zoe Eden available for large-event rentals. However, the ice machine does have a limited production capacity and will not produce enough ice for large events. It is highly recommended that renters bring in additional ice and coolers to store the ice.



  • Drugs are prohibited on Cathedral property and authorities will be called immediately if drugs are found on property.

  • Alcohol may not be sold on the Cathedral property. Alcoholic beverages may not be served to minors. No alcohol is permitted outside the facility that is being rented. No alcohol is permitted in the parking lot.

  • In order to serve hard alcohol (liquor), the renter must obtain permission of the Cathedral Dean and must use trained and bonded bartenders to serve all alcohol. Renter may be required to obtain “Host Liquor Liability Coverage”

  • The renter may be required by the City of Fresno to obtain permit to serve alcohol.

  • Smoking (cigarettes, cigars, or electronic cigarettes) is not permitted indoors or within 50ft of any building. If guest smoke in the parking lot, they must properly discard waste and keep noise level to a minimum for our residential neighbors.

  • Firearms are prohibited on the Cathedral property.

  • Pyrotechnics including hazers are not permitted.

  • Use of dry ice, confetti, loose glitter, uncontained sand, throwing rice or birdseed, sparklers, fireworks are prohibited.



St. James may require renters provide security (at renter’s costs) for their event. Events larger than 100 people and/or events that serve alcohol will be expected to have a minimum of two (2) unarmed, licensed and bonded security guards. Events larger than 200 people may require up to four (4) unarmed, licensed and bonded security guards. St. James contracts with security provider who patrols the parking lot and campus perimeter and conducts scheduled campus walk-about.



St. James bathrooms will be cleaned and fully stocked prior to the event (typically the night before the event). In our experience, especially with large events, toilet paper and paper towel usage can exceed supply. We highly recommend that renters have on-hand a reserve supply of toilet paper and paper towels. There is no custodial service provided by St. James during the event so refreshing supplies and maintaining bathroom cleanliness is the responsibility of the renter.



St. James does not setup tables and chairs for events—it is the responsibility of the renter. It is also the responsibility of the renter to tear down the table and chairs and return them to their designated storage area. Additional fees will be assessed if table and chairs are not properly taken down and stored.



Renters are expected to remove all trash and food from any rented venue at the conclusion of the evening. It is highly recommended that all trash is properly bagged before putting it in the dumpsters that are located on the west side of the Zoe Eden Complex (Gym). We strongly encourage our renters to deploy a rubbish system that separates trash and recyclable items. With an eye toward our sustainability, we hope our renters will seek ways to minimize the amount of trash produced at an event.



Renter shall deliver to St. James before making any use of the Cathedral Campus and its buildings a certificate of insurance or policy of insurance for general liability and property damage insurance relating to User and its activities and operation. The certificate or policy of insurance shall be issued by an insurance carrier licensed to do business in the State of California and reasonably acceptable to St James. The policy shall provide insurance protection with limits of not less than One Million and No/100ths Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence and One Million and No/100ths Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence for damage or injury to persons, and Five Hundred Thousand and No/100ths Dollars ($500,000.00) per occurrence for property damage.  The certificate or policy shall list, “The Protestant Episcopal Bishop of San Joaquin, a corporation sole,” and “St. James Cathedral” as named insureds.



St. James will provide an “on-call” member of the Cathedral team during the duration of your event. Prior to the event, a St. James Team Member will open the venue, walk through the venue with you, and pass along any important information. Prior to the event, we will assist in answering questions and troubleshooting.




  • Arrive at your scheduled start (setup time) time.

  • Set up all tables, chairs and other supplies as needed for your event.

  • Bring your own sound and lighting systems.

  • Bring all your own extension cords, tape, and ladders. We do not provide any of these items.

  • You will need to provide all items required for food storage, service, and prep.

  • Tear down all tables, chairs and other supplies following your event.

  • Clean-up of venue(s) by your contracted end time.

  • Remove all guests and personal items by your contracted end time.

  • Remove all trash and food by your contracted end time.




  • Expulsion from St. James, for any reason, results in forfeiture of all fees and deposits with no refund.

  • All St. James owned equipment made available and used by the renter must be cleaned. This includes tables, chairs, kitchen facilities, floors, sinks, restrooms, and hallways.

  • Decorations on walls or windows are allowed with non-marring tape. No tacks, staples, glue or similar.

  • Décor cannot be hung on pipes, life safety systems, or electrical wires.

  • All minors on the premises must always have adult supervision.

  • Renters and their guest must park in designated parking areas only. Please do not park illegally or in fire lanes.

  • St. James cannot be responsible for accident, injury, or loss of property. Lost and Found items are held 30 days and then donated to charity or disposed of.

  • Cooking is only allowed inside the kitchen of a rented facility. Cooking is not allowed in any facility that does not have a fully functioning kitchen.

  • Decorations, furnishings or equipment may not cover the heating or cooling controls, vents, fire extinguishers or exit doors.

  • Candles are permitted in a fireproof container that is at least two inches (2”) above the produced flame. Any damage done to the venue or St. James equipment due to the use of candles is the sole responsibility of the renter.

  • Any item stored in ice must be kept off floors. Please bring absorbent material for underneath to avoid puddles as these are a slipping hazard.

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