• Dean Ryan

Trips to Trader Joe's

Last month, Trader Joe's in Fresno selected St. James Food Bank to the recipient of weekly donations. This new partnership is a remarkable opportunity for the Food Bank. Patrons of the Food Bank will have more options each Wednesday. The donation relationship also means that St. James will be purchasing less items from the Central Food Bank--preserving vital financial resources for future needs in the ministry.

The one challenge/opportunity with this relationship requires Food Bank volunteers to pickup food items three times a week; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sundays. Additionally, there are items picked-up on Sundays that must be distributed before the next Food Bank Wednesday.

The St. James Food Bank is seeking volunteers:

Drivers to pickup items from Trader Joe's (Off Friant) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday mornings around 9:15AM.

On Sunday, the Food Banks needs volunteers to deliver food to the sick and those in need of sustenance. Following the 10AM service each Sunday in the Gym, food items will be available for bagging and delivery. The Food Bank would greatly appreciate your help to distribute these items to your neighbors in need.

If you are interested in volunteering and/or getting more information, please email the Food Bank.