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Announcement from the Dean

Dear St. James Cathedral Community,

As you have heard me say numerous times, including recently at our Annual Meeting, St. James has a "public role and purpose" in the greater Fresno area. As a Cathedral, we are firmly grounded in the spiritual world; yet, we also are called to have our foot in the secular world. One of our responsibilities is to be deeply committed to strengthening, empowering, and transforming Fresno and the surrounding communities through our thoughts, words, and deeds—especially our deeds!

St. James has been given the amazing opportunity and honor to host the #Fresno4All Mayoral Candidate Forum on Thursday, February 13th, 6:00PM - 8:00PM. This is an extraordinary occasion for St. James to be the Cathedral for Fresno--serving our community by hosting this vital civic forum. This event will bring community members from all over Fresno to our Cathedral campus. It will also bring the news media and other dignitaries to St. James. We will need to expend time, energy, and resources to make sure we provide excellent hospitality to all who attend the forum. 

"What can WE be" is a safe and welcoming place for our community to gather and hear from our mayoral candidates! To be clear: We are not, (nor will we be) engaging in political campaigning—we are the host venue for our community for this important civic event. Our sole focus and call is to extend hospitality!

The organizations sponsoring the Mayoral Forum are committed to making this an outstanding event. All of the qualified candidates have been invited. The questions will be prepared by an independent panel and will cover a broad range of topics. Each candidate will have an equal opportunity to give his or her views and the moderator will be unbiased and promote a respectful and positive discussion environment. 

Today’s Fresno Bee stated, “In all likelihood, the #Fresno4All Mayoral Candidate Forum will be the best attended of any held during this election cycle.”


This is an extraordinary opportunity for our Cathedral! We hope to enlist your help to make this an exceptional event for our neighbors. Also, we want to encourage you to attend the forum.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to me.



The Very Reverend Ryan D. Newman


St. James Episcopal Cathedral | Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin

Fresno, California


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