• Kourinthia Burton

Annual Meeting

We will gather this Sunday, 10:00AM-1:00PM in Zoe Eden Gym to worship, wander a ministry fair, participate in a ' mini-retreat', do the business of an annual meeting, and have lunch together. All in one space, much of it at the same time; and most importantly, as ONE congregational family!

Your attendance and participation are greatly needed and appreciated!


10:00AM Dean's Welcome and Opening Acclamation 10:05AM Coffee and Conversations about Ministries 10:30AM Songs, Scripture, and Cafe Table Talks 11:25AM Celebration of Eucharist 11:45AM Lunch Served 12:00PM Annual Meeting Called to Order Voting for Convention Delegates 12:15PM Dean's Address 12:40PM Election Results Honoring Outgoing Chapter Members Commissioning Chapter Members 12:55PM Prayer and Blessing Closing Hymn and Dismissal


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