"Despite everything, our faith thrives, our Cathedral thrives, and our generosity will continue to be the foundation that empowers the mission and ministries of St. James Cathedral. "


Greetings Brothers and Sisters,


I wish to address you during this season of stewardship.  While the fall has traditionally been devoted to a stewardship campaign, I believe that stewardship is not limited to a season.  When I think about stewardship, I think of this quote: “Where our heart is, where our care goes, our attention goes; our time, our efforts, our resources go.”


That is what it means to be stewards. This is what Martin Luther had in mind when he penned “Trust and faith of the heart alone make both God and idol. Whatever, then, your heart clings to is properly your God.”   Well versed in the gospels, brother Martin’s words are a clear reflection of the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:31, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  The question that presents itself here is “Where is your heart?” 


These past weeks, under the banner of Faith-Filled Generosity, we have been graced with personal experiences of our fellow congregants who shared their response to the following questions: 

  • Where do you experience God at St. James? 

  • Where do you hope St James will be next year?

  • What brings you joy at St. James?


In response to these questions, each one revealed how in some way St. James is the place where their heart, their care, their time, and efforts go.  Through the neighborliness of Jesus, they experience God’s presence, anticipate the future, and find joy. In spite of the pandemic, their stage in life, their personal health, or their financial ability, each is deeply engaged in the daily journey of a life lived through faith-filled generosity of spirit, heart, mind, and resource. 


Please use the pledge card and the proportional giving chart to help make a personal decision about an appropriate portion of your financial resources that you will commit to providing for the ministry of our St. James parish this coming year, 2021.  You may return your pledge by snail mail, drop it in the mail slot at the Cathedral office, submit your pledge using our website https://www.stjamesfresno.org/giving, or in the Midweek Missive beneath the Faith-Filled Generosity video.   I look forward to asking God’s blessings on all that we commit.  


I hope in these days of focus on our financial stewardship, you will consider where your heart is, where your care goes, where your attention, time and effort and resources go. 


With thanksgiving for who you are, and all that you do, 



Bishop David Rice,

The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin