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A Special Thrift Shop 

Nestled within the grounds of the St. James, The Cottage Shop is a hidden gem in the Fresno/Clovis area. It is an exceptional thrift shop experience where individuals and families can acquire household and personal goods at an affordable price. 


When entering the The Cottage Shop, one immediately notices volunteers' smiling faces. With a warm welcome and a brief heads up on the day's bargain sales, this no pressure approach is quite refreshing. 

The Cottage Shops offers exceptional inventory of apparel and housewares. Items are in wonderful condition. The well-organized extensive clothing section especially shows that the shop's volunteers take pride in what they set out for sale.


All of the proceeds of each sale going directly to the St. James Food Bank, so our shoppers are not just getting a great deal, they are also helping their community.

For the latest news, events, and sales, check out the St. James Cottage Shop Facebook Page.


Donating and Volunteering

The Cottage Shop provides its inventory at low and affordable prices allowing necessary items to be accessible to those in need. In order for The Cottage Shop to provide this ministry it requires two crucial components:

  1. Donation items

  2. Volunteers


Currently, the store has very limited hours of operations due to limited volunteer resources. The hours could and would be expanded if we can get more volunteers to serve.

Here is how you can help The Cottage Shop as a volunteer:

  • Sorting incoming items

  • Preparing Items for sale (Washing, cleaning, Polishing, etc.) 

  • Stocking items 

  • Running the Cash Register

  • Assisting customers

  • Internet Sales

  • Facebook /Social Media 

  • Create & Maintain Website 

  • Recruiting local support

  • Public Relations

  • Recruiting volunteers

  • Planning Special Events

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